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From Braces to Business Success: 

A Story of Growth & Empowerment

My own transformative journey began at the tender age of nine when life took an unexpected turn. A series of events unfolded that shaped not just my smile but my entire perspective on life. In an unfortunate incident, my front teeth were smashed in, and I found myself adorned with braces – including the dreaded headgear. Feeling like the odd one out and being unable to smile freely impacted my social interactions and my mental well-being. However, while the braces were temporary, this time in my life lit a flame that would become a life-long passion. I decided to dedicate my life to dentistry and promoting kindness and compassion as the keys to a happy life and a better world.

I am proud to say that over the past 12 years my business has evolved into one of Brisbane’s most esteemed dental practices. This journey has empowered me to not only become a reputable dentist but also a successful businesswoman. In recent years, the opportunities to meet and talk with other women in business has entrenched a deep desire to support others in their pursuits. While I still love changing lives through dentistry, my mission now extends beyond the dental chair as I aim to facilitate success for women navigating the intricate path of business.

When the idea of professional coaching started to germinate in my mind several years ago, I didn’t realise how challenging it would be to get advice on how to become a recognised business coach! However, the stars aligned and through ‘Fempire’ I discovered a comprehensive course that not only offered practical programs but also provided the tools to apply my own experiences to guide clients through a proven formula.

Now I feel ready to help others turn their aspirations into tangible success stories. With more and women wanting to realise their potential, I feel the timing is better than ever.

Giving Back to the Community

In addition to my professional endeavours, I am deeply committed to actively being part of the community and supporting a variety of causes close to my heart.

I am particularly dedicated to The Smith Family, especially their initiatives that uplift and educate young girls. Beyond DV also holds a special place in my philanthropic efforts, advocating for those affected by domestic violence. I also recognise that environmental sustainability is paramount, and so I actively contribute to Greenpeace’s mission. As part of the Brisbane business community, participating in the CEO Sleepout with St Vincent De Paul provides me with more than just a way to raise funds, it is a sobering reminder of the critical issue of homelessness in our society. Finally, I strive to make a meaningful impact on women’s health by participating in fun runs, particularly those dedicated to International Women’s Day and breast cancer research.

Through these pursuits, I aim to make a positive contribution and advocate for a brighter, more equitable future for all.


“When I had dento-legal issues early on in my career, Dr Kristina Cain was the friend I never previously had, and never knew I needed. Her advice was professional, yet caring, and she was able to guide me through a really tough situation. Her calm and nurturing manner was really reassuring in such a difficult time in my career.”

Dr Sam Koh

Young Dentists Hub, Melbourne

“The physios were all quite impressed with the ground Kristina covered which really added value for them as it gave the dental context. Great overview and summary of approaches to complex conditions as well. Also gained a much better understanding of the use and effect of Botulinum Toxin A which was exactly what I wanted out of it. It was great to see that our philosophies of treatment are well aligned as well”

Presentation Testimonial

Scott Park

The Headache, Neck and Jaw Clinic, Brisbane

“Dr Kristina Cain is an expert, without the ego. Her infectious positive and uplifting attitude is such a joy to be around and I always feel refreshed after having a mentor interaction with her.

I love her honesty about not just the ‘ups’ but also the hard knocks and mistakes she has made in her industrious career. Her nurturing and loving energy means that I feel like I can come to her with any question knowing that I will never be met with judgement. It is an absolute privilege to call her a colleague and I’m so glad to have her in my life.”

Dr Amelia Judson


“Thank you! The webinar was top notch and the hour went by quickly. Such talent and natural gift – tone, content, pace, a voice that touches the soul!

I enjoyed the exercises (they were impactful!), and we are all blessed to have Kristina in our industry 🙂”

Dr Justin Choi


“Kristina has been a fantastic mentor and teacher over the past few years. She has a genuine desire to see you improve and succeed. With years of industry experience she has proven to be invaluable. Her authentic and non-generic approach makes her one of a kind!”
Dr Ruben Sivarajah

Dental Surgeon, Tweed Heads South

“I liked how she covered quite a few concepts and the holistic approach. The accompanying pictures were helpful and she summarized quite complex ideas nicely. Also, her enthusiastic and friendly manner was lovely. Thank you for getting Kristina in. That was one of the better inservices.”

Physiotherapist - The Headache, Neck and Jaw Clinic, Brisbane

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