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Many women (and men) find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed by the intertwined demands of life and business. They yearn to unlock the untapped potential they know is so close but seemingly, so out of reach. Provided they have the desire, many female businesspeople just need someone who has walked the same path to guide them on their journey to success.

Introducing Dr. Kristina Cain, owner and founder of one of Brisbane’s most reputable boutique dental practices and now, fulfilling another of her own ambitions to help busy women to achieve their goals. With over 12 years’ experience navigating the challenges of growing a successful business while balancing work and family, Dr Kristina understands and appreciates the process of taking a dream and making it reality.

As a certified ‘Fempire’ business coach, Dr. Kristina Cain’s coaching methodology extends beyond traditional boundaries, by blending her expertise in business strategy with a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. Through a meticulous process of strategic planning, skill enhancement, and mindset cultivation, Dr. Kristina Cain empowers her clients to break through their self-imposed boundaries and emerge as thriving, confident businesspeople.

Business Coaching for Dentists

Dr. Kristina Cain brings a wealth of experience from the realms of business and dentistry. With a keen understanding of the dynamics of being a “lady” dentist, she adeptly balances the personal and professional spheres. Dr. Kristina Cain’s coaching services are tailored for pre and current business owners, emphasising the business aspects while providing practical insights.

Remaining active with the ADA, Dr. Kristina Cain draws from her involvement in their mentoring program to offer down-to-earth guidance. Additionally, her expertise in Dento-facial injecting and role on the dental advisory panel for Experien underscore her commitment to advancing dental strategies and solutions.

For those seeking practical advice on managing a practice as an owner-operator—handling staff, patients, and the intricacies of dentistry—Dr. Kristina Cain is here to lend her expertise.

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